Feedback and Enquiries

Accessibility Feedback

We welcome your feedback about accessibility at MCCG and invite your comments or questions Suggested steps:

1. Approach the MCCG Accessibility Officer directly to provide feedback or seek assistance.

2. If necessary, further feedback can be directed to:

              Mail: MCCG c/o Accessibility Officer
                          Westmount Shopping Centre
                          785 Wonderland Road South, Suite 253
                          London, Ontario, N6K 1M6
              Phone: 519-432-8553 x311
              Fax: 519-432-5194
              Online: Use our Contact Form

We may need to contact you to provide further information. Please include:

  • Your name
  • Contact information (telephone and/or email)
  • A brief summary of your feedback

All feedback will be reviewed and forwarded to an appropriate individual at MCCG.

For more information about services supporting staff, shareholder, clients and visitors with disabilities, please follow this link: Accessibility at MCCG