Mission, Vision & Values


To provide progressive and high quality solutions that help our stakeholders achieve their goals. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation through teamwork.


To be the technology leader in providing business solutions to the Canadian Mutual Insurance Industry.


At MCCG we value mutual respect and trust as the foundation that enables our team to balance our client needs, our business objectives, and our own personal goals. We do this by committing to integrity, flexibility, and discipline in all facets of work life.

As a team of employees, we work together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration to support our customers in the development and delivery of quality products and services. As directors of the board, we team with our staff members and our clients to provide the required strategic leadership.

We show our commitment to providing quality products and services by embracing ongoing process improvement and meeting our goals and objectives. We show our commitment to our customers by being responsive to their needs and keeping them informed.

Mutual Respect and Trus
We show our respect for, and trust in each other by making sure we get the job done while sustaining a friendly, caring, flexible work environment.

We are people-oriented, yet focused on results. We run our business smoothly through the effective use of processes, yet we also support creativity in our work. We are responsive to our clients' needs, and also to the needs of our employees. Our managers are mentors, and provide a nurturing work environment, yet they also focus on meeting goals and achieving results.