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Why Do We Need To Turn Insurance Outside-In?

Leading analysts and practitioners agree: to meet customer expectations over the next decade, we need to turn insurance “outside-in.”

Customers are comparing insurance products and services against a wide range of offerings and suppliers, not just competing insurance companies. Opportunistic organizations are targeting the insurance industry for disruption, using customer experience analytics as a wedge.

The key to success is to meet – and exceed – customer expectations through continuous improvements in the total customer experience. The outside-in approach includes sophisticated digital and analytics methodologies governed by senior executive strategic oversight.

The 2016 Executive Forum will bring together a faculty that understands – and lives – the broader customer experience from a variety of perspectives. We are including executives and analytics experts from outside the P&C community to share their successes and challenges.

Join your colleagues at ICEF2016 to see how insurance looks outside-in.

Presentations by thought leaders, including ...


“Defining and Operationalizing an Effective Digital Strategy”

Joseph Cooper

Joseph Cooper, Global Technology Executive

Insurers are being challenged to develop and execute a digital strategy to allow their organizations to compete effectively in a dynamic marketplace. But what is a digital strategy and how can it be implemented to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the insurance ecosystem?

In this interactive session, Joe will define the components of the strategy and the multi-faceted roles that executives must take in its execution. Relying on his deep experience developing and implementing strategies for major regional, national and international insurers, Joe will underscore key digital elements impacting insurers, and the dramatic pace of change facing the insurance community.

Joseph Cooper has a track record of building teams of hardworking, senior level collaborators who have the drive and ability to achieve their objectives and beyond.


Explore the Insurance Landscape


Innovation is the mandate. Whether it is achieved incrementally or via wholesale disruption, everyone is pursuing improvement in product, process, service, and distribution. With a three- to five-year horizon, our expert speakers will provide actionable information addressing such topics as:


  • Where is disruption happening? What are the outcomes?
  • Innovating the next insurance product
  • IoT & insurance: Transitioning from theory to reality
  • Customer experience: How does insurance stack up against other sectors?
  • The moment of truth: Claims goes more digital
  • Digital psychology at the tip of the insurance marketing funnel
  • Predictive analytics: challenging existing standards
  • Future cyber-risk scenarios


Financial services are undergoing a transformation. Leading analysts suggest that core insurance principles are being maintained, even as digital technologies enable insurers to innovate in their products and services domains to meet and exceed customer expectations.