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London, Ontario – December 17, 2013 ‐ MCCG is pleased to announce that the IBS product now includes the ability for their Mutual Insurers to successfully transmit electronic policy documents to their broker partners using the CSIO standards.  This will ensure that the Mutual community continues to be able to do business as efficiently as all other insurers in the marketplace as well as reduce the workload that is generated by paper copies. 

“MCCG is playing a key role in ensuring the Mutual Community in Canada continues to adopt and implement technology across their businesses in ways that help their policyholders and distribution networks,” stated Frank Barretto, President and CEO of MCCG. “MCCG developed and released this functionality in May of 2012 and have been working with a smaller subset of our community to ensure its successful implementation.  We are pleased to be able to confirm that this is now available to our broader community,” added Steve Goris, Vice President of Research & Development at MCCG.  

“We have been using E‐Docs for some months now with excellent results.  Documents for home and auto policies download directly to the client file so that our producers do not have to receive and scan paper documents.  We find this, a tremendous time saver and a great paper saver too.  The documents appear neatly and clearly in our broker management system.    Overall we think that ‘E‐Docs’ is something that all brokerages would want to take advantage of,” outlined Doner Horsley Insurance Brokers Ltd. of Alliston, Ontario.

“Traditional BMS and Insurer Business Systems applications have not changed the way we (the Insurance Industry) do business. They have, however, allowed us to do business the same way we have for years much easier. ‘E‐Docs’, on the other hand, starts to change the way we do business with a huge focus on the elimination of paper and processing. I feel this technology is truly a revolutionary advancement and should be promoted at every level throughout the industry,” confirmed Dan Hill, President and CEO of Germania Mutual.

Rick Orr, President of the IBAO says, “There is no older relationship than that between Farm Mutuals and their Brokers.  It’s excellent to see that relationship build over the years as the business changes.  To be able to offer the most current technology solution, ‘e‐Doc’ is a demonstration by the Mutuals of their commitment to their Brokers to drive efficiencies into the relationship.  We applaud them for supporting the Brokers and being so progressive.  Well done.”

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