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Why Choose MCCG?

You will feel valued because we work hard to make sure our employees love MCCG as much as we love them. You will feel excited, challenged, and passionate about your job. You will also have benefits and perks that help you do great things day-in and day-out. Here are some of the reasons why MCCG is a great place to work:


Want to have a say?

Nobody has all the answers.  That's why you are encouraged to speak up.  Everyone has ideas and experience that contribute to our success.  Have your say by talking with your peers, with management, or join one of our committees.

 Clear Vision

We have a clear vision

If you're looking for stability and strong leadership, you're looking at the right place.  We've been learning and growing since 1993.  Our management team has a plan for the future of MCCG and you can help turn that plan into reality.

New Talent and ideas 

We're always changing

Technology is always changing and so are we.  If we aren't changing we aren't growing, so we're always looking for new talent through training and hiring.  That means you won’t be the newbie for too long.

 new heights

We help you grow and learn

Does learning new software excite you?  Do you like to try new things?  Maybe you want do something completely different?  We want you to keep growing and challenging yourself through training, temporary placements, projects, or leadership opportunities.
MCCG supports your goals.



You're gonna have fun

Sometimes we just kick back, relax, and have fun! Sometimes, we get organized for tournaments, corporate olympics, pot luck lunches, Christmas parties, and family events, just to name a few.
That’s right…we actually hang out together even when we’re not being paid to!

Work enivronment 

Comfortable working environment

Get a glimpse of it here.  Lots of natural light, height adjustable desks, a staff lounge called Area 51, a beautiful kitchen with seating, plus a few TVs around the office for that well deserved mental break.  Most of all, we've got lots of collaboration spaces to share your thoughts and ideas with other team members.

Free Coffee

Coffee...Free Coffee!

That's right, we said it coffee....
and it's free...
and it's freshly ground! 
Do we need to say more?


You need the basic benefits too

Comprehensive health and dental package
Employee assistance program
Competitive RRSP
Employee education plan
Flexible work hours
Financial incentives
And more!