All Accounting functions are fully integrated

It's all in one system. You don't have to transfer your policy and claims data into your accounting module. Your sub-ledgers and G/L are updated and guaranteed to reconcile to the operations. Manual entries are simple and reporting is comprehensive.

Accounting is fully integrated with Operations

  • Easy-to-manage accounts receivable (A/R)
  • Full accounts payable (A/P)
  • Cash disbursements with or without A/P transactions
  • Custom Chart of Accounts for your general ledger (G/L)
  • Sub-ledgers update G/L in real time - no batch processing!
  • Secure and restrict accounting options by user
  • Full suite of financial reports included
  • Export any search or report to Excel for further analysis
  • P&C1 Reports simplify regulatory reporting

The accounting features you want

  • Policy and claims entries transfer directly into A/P, A/R and G/L
  • NSF processing
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Automatic account reconciliation service
  • Customizable billing types and frequency
  • Memorized transactions
  • Create and produce customized accounting letters
  • Individual and bulk processing options