Automated Forms

Create forms and letters with speed, ease and accuracy using Document Management in The Insurance Business Solution (IBS)

No more data entry! Design any form, letter or document and have it filled in with the data already stored in IBS. Generate the documents at the same time as the declaration page, in batches or on demand. This module also integrates with Knowledge Management to create and store outgoing documents electronically in one step.

Creating your automated forms

  • OPCFs and manuscript wordings are completed and produced with the declaration page
  • Marketing documents are easy to develop and create automatically
  • Claims Letters or NSF Notices are ready with a few clicks
  • Documents can be printed or distributed electronically
  • Generate documents in batches or individually

IBS Profiles help you manage document distribution

  • Staff do not have to remember print or e-docs preferences
  • Streamlines document distribution
  • Reduces paper
  • Eliminates waste
  • Customize printing and e-docs preferences for each provider
  • IBS prints only what needs to be printed