Business Intelligence

In the age of "Big Data" you need to know your business

The Insurance Business Solution (IBS) offers several ways to analyze and report on your data. The Reporting WorkCentre is a suite of customizable reports developed over 20+ years in response to client needs. Each module in IBS supports powerful custom searches that are easily exported to Excel. And if you still want more, you can write your own SQL to query the database. You need to know...IBS gives you the power to find out.

Simplifying your reporting process

  • Over 250 customizable reports
  • Export results to excel
  • Select and save custom variables
  • Schedule for after hours
  • Save settings to run repeatedly
  • Customize security by user or group

Custom searches

  • Analyze search results or export to excel
  • Search policy, claims or accounting
  • Advanced search options

Writing your own SQL

  • It's your data and you have full access to it
  • Query and analyze with the tools that work for you