A secure, flexible and powerful claims experience

Improving the speed and efficiency of claims processing and settlements is good for everyone.  Using The Insurance Business Solution (IBS) means you have the tools and features to automate, default, notify, document, audit, and report on your claims activity.  

Simplify claims service

The IBS simplifies the process of providing great claims service to your claimants

  • All claim file information in one place
  • Full integration with relevant policy data
  • Convenient declaration page and wordings at the time of occurrence
  • Easily identify the current state of a claim
  • Simple reserve management screen
  • Go paperless and maintain privacy
  • Multi-line or multi-party losses managed with sub-files
  • Manage approvals and authority electronically
  • Manage occurrence based events
  • Manage both claims-made and occurrence-based loss activity (policy types)
  • Risk mapping with Google Maps
  • Support treaty reinsurance and subscription

Automate your claims processes

The IBS provides numerous methods to help automate your claims processes and communications

  • Notifications to stakeholders triggered by claims activity
  • Automated claims letters
  • Automate standardized payment schedules
  • Set up your preferred vendors