Paperless Solution

Use Knowledge Management and re-purpose your file room

Society may never become paperless, but The Insurance Business Solution (IBS) can get you there. Paperless storage saves time and money, supports the environment, and is a valuable component of your business continuity plan.

Managing your paperless workflow

  • Your paperless workflow solution
  • Re-purpose your filing room
  • Your team can spend more time on insurance
  • Reduce your environmental footprint while saving money
  • Easily retrieve stored documents
  • Secure your confidential records
  • Store all file formats, including audio and video
  • Supports your workflow
  • Never lose another file
  • Share electronic documents with your distribution partners
  • Electronic Document Management 

Benefits of Business Continuity Planning

No business today can exist without a good business continuity plan, and at the core of these plans is a great document retention process.

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