The Insurance Business Solution (IBS) Activity Centre streamlines the insurance workflow

The integrated Activity Centre helps users prioritize their workload without losing track of the details.  Diaries, Notifications, and Pending Data come together in the simple-to-use IBS Activity Centre. Entries can be created by users, the IBS, or third parties.

Organized and prioritized. Exactly what your team members need.

Simple to use diaries let you manage your work and your files

  • Reduces effort across modules
  • Review entries from within the file or from the Activity Centre
  • Create diary entries from within the policy/claim or from the Activity Centre
  • Users can create entries for themselves or other team members
  • Assign entries to teammates
  • Work in groups
  • Set the status/urgency level on each entry
  • Reporting supports management and workload analysis

Notifications are automated communications to team members

When do you want to trigger Notifications? When there's a large loss, initiations of reinsurance, inactive claims or refunds due... just to name a few.

  • Created by IBS when users perform defined tasks
  • Add the notification in the Activity Centre or send via email
  • Streamlines processes
  • Makes sure the people who need to know are informed
  • Eliminates steps and saves time
  • Ensures consistency 

What's a Pending Data Repository?

  • Receive electronic information from external sources
  • If it's not data that can be automatically populated in the IBS, this is where it goes
  • The possibilities are endless