Project Management

Project management increases the success rate of projects

Many projects get derailed by the simple stuff. But who has time to manage all the necessary communications and keep track of change requests? That's the role of the Project Manager. If you don't have a project manager on staff, use one of ours for your next project.

The role of project management

  • Building comprehensive charters, project plans, and schedules
  • Performing project stakeholder analysis, defining challenges, perspective of an unbiased third party
  • Executing projects, coordinating resources, providing progress and status updates, and managing changes
  • Facilitating communications to all stakeholders
  • Tracking and resolving issues/problems
  • Realistically defining priorities: cost, scope and time
  • Performing risk assessment and remediation sessions
  • Performing lessons learned sessions
  • Closing projects
MCCG can provide experienced project managers to help move your projects along, and increase your chance of success.